Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

Public swimming pools, spa pools and splash parks, if not appropriately managed, can pose a risk to public health through the spread of illness. Environmental health officers inspect public swimming pools and spa pools for compliance with the Public Health Act 2010, the Public Health Regulation 2022 and Schedule 1 of the Regulation (2022) Requirements for Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools. 

This may involve checking pool disinfection systems, surrounds, toilets, change rooms and plant rooms, as well as chemical and microbiological testing of pool or spa water. Public pools, spas and splash parks may be closed if reasonable grounds exist to suspect a risk to public health. 

The Public Health Unit investigates water-borne disease notifications associated with swimming in a pool, including cryptosporidiosis. 

Information about the public health risks associated with public swimming and spa pools, and steps to healthy swimming is available on the NSW Health website. 

Swimming Pools and Public Health Newsletter  October 2022 - SESLHD PHU Swimming Pool Newsletter


Research and reports 

D Mayne, K Ressler, D Smith, M Ferson A Community Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis in Sydney associated with a Public Swimming Facility: A Case-Control Study, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases, January 2011 (5-6): 341065.


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To contact the Environmental Health team for more information about the issues around public swimming pools and spa pools, please email us or phone (02) 9382 8333 during business hours.