Epilepsy and First Seizure Clinic - Information for Health Professionals

Services provided

  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of seizures and related disorders
  • Identifying the cause of seizures
  • Suggesting treatment
  • Supervising treatment
  • Psychosocial support and where appropriate, referral
  • Safety advice regarding driving, working and leisure activities
  • Assessment of drug-resistant epilepsy
  • Assessing suitability for surgical therapy or vagus nerve stimulator
  • Advising on pregnancy-related issues
  • Assisting with transition from the paediatric service at Sydney Children’s Hospital to the adult service at Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Conducting clinical trials


Refer your patient

  • We accept referrals from GP’s, Prince of Wales Hospital Emergency Department, other neurologists and child neurologists.

Fax all referrals to Professor Ernest Somerville or Dr Hanka Laue-Gizzi 02 9382 3899. Please include as much relevant medical information as possible, including letters, reports and images.


Epilepsy Clinic times

Prof Somerville:        Monday 9am – 3pm

Dr Laue Gizzi:           Monday 9am – 3pm and Tuesday 2pm-4:30pm

Epilepsy fellow:        as available


Clinic consultants

Professor Ernest Somerville and Dr Hanka Laue-Gizzi


Refer your patient 




A GP or Specialist referral is needed as we are a Medicare service.