Pathology (SEALS)

How we can help you

Pathology which involves examining your blood, body fluids or tissues to help with making a diagnosis or to review treatments.

Our pathology service is managed by South Eastern Area Laboratory Services (SEALS), part of NSW Health Pathology. It is a fully accredited, 'not-for-profit" service providing 24 hour care to all public hospitals in our local area.

SEALS Pathology can come to your bedside if you are an inpatient or have a collection centre at our Hospital that you can visit as an outpatient. They can also come to your home. 

You require a request form from your local doctor or a specialist to have a pathology test. All results will be provided to the doctor who made the request. Legal requirements prevent SEALS from providing test results directly to patients, their family or carers over the phone.

Visit the SEALS website for more information on costs, booking an outpatient appointment, commonly asked questions and information sheets on how to prepare for a pathology test.